Diversity in an investor’s portfolio is paramount. Lincoln Townley’s archive works are an ideal opportunity to get involved with an artist’s work that continues to grow rapidly in value. Works from these collections are very limited in availability.

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal in December last year the number one investment for 2018 was contemporary art. So if you’re in the market for an investment opportunity a key artist to look into must be leading British artist Lincoln Townley.

Set to be the only independent British artist securing his own unique space in a Palace for this years highly anticipated La Biennale in Venice, he’s come a very long way in his seven year career. Yes, if you would have purchased one of his paintings at his very first show in 2012 you would have paid around £2000 nowadays if you are lucky to buy an original piece from his new collection you will be looking at anywhere between £100,000 to a £1,000,000 and beyond.

Lincoln said, “I’m investing in resources to help me sell around the world every minute of everyday. No gallery on earth can do that for me or any artist, in my opinion the high street gallery system needs a complete online overhaul which will focus on actually making the artist money, I have no time for the current system”.

Townley’s work is in huge demand globally. This year alone he will be showing in London, Venice, Los Angeles, Singapore, Beijing, Paris, Monaco and Berlin. But any of these pieces can be secured directly through his studio network. To be included in this art investment revolution click here.